The Study is a caring group of teachers, students, administrators, and parents. We are a community committed to the principles of teaching through mentorship, celebrating diversity, and cultivating intellectual curiosity. As result of these commitments, the day-to-day experience of our students is distinct from that of their peers at more traditional schools. These unique characteristics include:

• Small classes (5 students per teacher) that foster individual learning styles
• Teacher-led focus on academic inquiry, problem solving, and critical analysis
• Learning spaces featuring circular desks to promote dialogue, and to ensure that no voice goes unheard
• Collaborative, feedback-rich environment
• Stimulating extra-curricular activities that provide opportunities for teamwork and the development of leadership skills

We encourage you to explore the student experience and learn more about our school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The Study offers a selection of Extra-Curricular activities each year. These are an important part of school culture and provide opportunities for teamwork and leadership development. Activities are balanced across the following areas:

• Athletic
• Scholastic
• Artistic

Teams and clubs vary from year to year, and sign-ups occur at the start of the second week of school. Seasonal availability is voted on by students at the Extra-Curricular Information meeting to start the school year.