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Over the past ten years, The Study Academy has established its reputation as one of Canada’s finest schools educating local and international students. Canadian students from across the country and students from China, Israel, Africa, France, and South America have all flourished under the care and tutelage of The Study Academy’s remarkable faculty and have gone on to succeed in some of North America’s most competitive universities.

The Study Academy, with a prescriptive teaching model and by employing a team of dynamic and creative teachers, use a series of specific teaching strategies and classroom design to advance student learning. These enhancements include but are not limited to small class size, discussion-based learning, and support with structuring ideas and analysis. The unique learning environment created by these strategies affords the opportunity to enrich and surpass academic milestones and curriculum expectations for our students.

Over the past several years, The Study Academy has had the pleasure of educating students from foreign lands who are seeking the opportunity to experience superior academic opportunities, to perfect their academic English language skills, and earn an esteemed Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) while they explore their dreams of becoming students at prestigious universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Students graduate transformed, inspired, and prepared for the challenges of post-secondary education.

International students benefit from cultural, linguistic, and academic immersion at The Study Academy.There are several factors that make The Study Academy the school of choice for international students. Most significantly, The Study Academy is a Canadian school, inspected by the Ministry of Education as a credit granting institution. International students benefit from being integrated into an English-speaking culture, which informs all aspects of their academic day. There is a total immersion into contemporary Canadian life both academically and socially. In addition to the academic curriculum to earn an OSSD, students who are not native English speakers benefit from a number of specific adjuncts to curriculum to support rapid expertise in spoken and written English. Small group classes with a 5-to-1 student to teacher ratio ensure that our students graduate with English language skills on par with their cohorts. Emphasis on textual analysis, academic writing, essay writing and composition, complemented by English For Test Taking – a specialized program to prepare academics for major entrance exams in North American schools. The program will provide the opportunity to master the language aspects of IELTS and SAT.

Having superior language skills will ensure top scores for entrance into competitive schools and will provide the skill-set to succeed in higher academics.

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