In his background as an adept instructor, Jason has taught classes in math, science, and business at a variety of levels ranging to post-graduate.  These courses each included attention to higher-level thinking and the learning skills required for successful growth and development. His lifelong love of learning has been fuelled by developing academic, social, and emotional strategies for students to uncover their own strengths and passions.  Jason’s philosophy is well summarized by Malcolm Forbes ”Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”  To this end, Jason has a keen interest in modelling academic inquiry and critical thought in each of The Study Academy’s classes.

In his role as principal, Jason has been working to develop a deeper understanding of the pathways linking neurological function and education. He feels that engaging in this dialogue provides the key to building more effective educational programs tailored to students’ learning profiles. To this end, Jason is a current member of the International Mind, Brain, and Education Society and has most recently presented at the 2014 biennial conference on the topic of Neurofeedback in the classroom  In addition to his work at The Study Academy, Jason has completed extensive research for the International Olympic Committee and adidas, has multiple scholastic publications, and has been a contributing editor to Ontario Trillium list textbooks.

Jason Krell, MSc, MBA


Jason Krell, Principal of The Study Academy