Bryan Levy-Young is the founder and Dean of Admissions and Student Services for The Study Academy. In 2006, Bryan envisioned a school with a commitment to rigorous intellectual development complemented by a focus on the social/emotional needs of developing minds. His own diverse professional experiences as a family therapist, an educational consultant and school director, as a television writer, producer, board member, camp director and artist have fostered connections and nurtured relationships with talented teachers, specialty programs and educational and therapeutic professionals to provide the best opportunities and support for children and their families.

The Study Academy recognizes that the school environment plays a major role in the social and emotional competence and wellbeing of our students, and we include a pastoral care practice that best contributes to students’ social, emotional, physical, and moral wellbeing as complement to our curriculum. Student services is central to the ethos and identity of The Study Academy. Providing a culture where students develop a strong sense of belonging, and security, affirms students in their dignity and worth, and assists them in achieving their full potential: physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our Pastoral Aims are to:

  • Create a challenging, accepting and nurturing environment where students are valued for who they are and not for just what they can do
  • Enable each pupil to fulfill their individual potential academically and socially by assuring that each student has access to personal, vocational, and academic guidance and support
  • Provide students the opportunity to develop and practice individual and social accountability
  • Encourage and provide strategies to promote intellectual curiosity, mindfulness, self-confidence, and to become engaged and productive lifelong learners
  • Establish and maintain appropriate relationships with every parent so that together we can help prepare students for the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities that await them in the future they will create for themselves

Bryan Levy-Young, MA

Founder, Dean of Admissions and Student Services

Our founder, Bryan Levy-Young created The Study Academy in 2006.