Is my child a good fit for The Study Academy?

Our students have a diverse set of talents and learning profiles. We are well-equipped to support students with exceptionalities including gifted/learning disabled, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxious, bullied, inattentive, and refusal to attend.  The common thread among our students is that they are bright, academically capable, socially competent, and want more from their educational experience.

As a small school, does The Study Academy offer rich social opportunities?

Opportunities for friendship and socializing are rich and abundant.  Students develop long-standing friendships that extend beyond the school day.

How big are classes at the school?

Does The Study Academy offer any funding support?

Yes, tuition bursary opportunities do exist, both full and partial tuition coverage.  For more information, visit our financial support page.

How does student performance transfer to more traditional schools?

Because of our emphasis on learning skill development and the self-efficacy that our teachers nurture, our graduates leave with a positive and honest view of themselves as learners.  This combination of skills and mindset has proven to be universally transferable across academic settings.

Do you accept rolling admissions throughout the school year?

Yes, we do frequently have students join the school throughout the year, but such admissions are made on a case-by-case basis. The standard deadline to receive applications for admission is the first day of February.

Alumni Placement

Graduates from The Study Academy have been successful in transitioning to a wide-ranging set of schools and programs. Although the majority of graduates from our Middle School (71%) attend our High School, several have reached out to enrol in secondary schools within our backyard and around the globe. For a look at where our Alumni have attended, please view the charts below.

Middle School Graduates

Private Schools
Toronto District Public Schools
International Schools

Most Frequently Attended Secondary School
Western Technical Commerical School 14%

Grade 12 OSSD Graduates

Canadian Universities
Canadian Colleges
International Universities
Gap Year Programs

Most Frequently Attended Post-Secondary Institution
Dalhousie University 28%