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Academic Programs

  • Middle School

    Middle School

    Grades 4-8

    A progressive approach to teaching — supporting students’ through their transformative years by fostering their curiosity and building their self-esteem.

  • High School

    High School

    Grades 9-12

    Developing adaptive skills to succeed in post-secondary studies and beyond: problem-solving, self-confidence, meta-knowledge, and self-regulation.

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  • After School

    After School

    Grades 4+

    A variety of supplementary programs are available. Developing young minds with Tutorial & Enrichment, Summer Camps, Intensive Essay Writing, and more.

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  • "Emma will forever hold very special memories of The Study. She learned so much – enjoyed her teachers – and has progressed beyond measure. Tom and I can’t thank you both enough for everything you have done for her. She has come a long way since she started in Grade 7. I will recommend The Study to anyone who asks…it was really the best thing to happen to Emma. Your teaching staff, the caring and nurturing environment, were just what she needed to thrive. We wish you all the very best for continued success.

    Carolyn K., parent
  • "It’s been wonderful to watch Kenzie get fired up intellectually and to witness his growing enthusiasm and sense of purpose. We’ve spent many interesting hours over the past couple of months talking about what he’s been learning each day (that’s a first!). You have inspired and have inspirational teachers in James and Patrick.

    Diane M., parent
  • "...She said she was on fire and could vividly recall her English teacher leading the discussions in class in Grade 8. No other student in her Grade 11 class had read it and she piped up and gave everyone her take on this classic. Her English teacher told her that she was a standout and her quiet confidence was impressive. Kudos to you and your magical place of learning and having the foresight, the unique and compassionate vision, the love, and the perseverance to build The Study that has and always will leave an indelible impression on all that enter those doors. Take a bow Bryan. You and your entire team of dedicated and thoughtful, talented teachers wholeheartedly deserve it."

    Michelle P., parent
  • "We are so grateful to you and consider ourselves and Alicia to be very fortunate that she has had this experience with you. You are one of the best, if not the best, teachers Alicia has every had. As I think I mentioned to you at the outset, this was a pivotal time in Alicia’s academic life. It was a time for her to get her feet back under her, after several rough years, and a chance to push herself, to learn and grow, as you said, and to regain her academic confidence. Thanks in large part to you and the environment The Study provides, she has done all that. I think she’s well positioned now to tackle secondary studies and to succeed.

    Lily M., parent

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